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Here's what our past visitors have to say. 

"It's a nice, peaceful experience and you get to help animals that need to be rescued."

"Really cool event. Not only do you get to look at Christmas trees, you get to help animals. It's a win-win."


"This was a really cute little tree show . . . and it all goes to rescue animals. Yes there was a short 30 minute wait but soooo cute and fun."


"Wonderful event to attend! Beautiful Display! Also, never felt at risk for COVID in the safety of my car. Perfect event for the holidays! Especially knowing that it's for a good cause and my family loved it. Definitely recommend and will be attending next year!"

"Better than I expected! Waiting in line didn't look anything special. It wasn't until I got to the trees that I saw they were decorated. Super cool. My 89 year old grandfather loved it!"

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"This event was great! Me and my family enjoyed it. And the wait was not that long. Very creative trees. We have ideas brewing for next year."

"Felt super weird being in the backseat and someone else driving us. The kids were in the captains seats in front of us but they definitely enjoyed Phestival of Trees tonight. Thankfully we brought snacks and the wait wasn't too long!"


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